Hair Loss Treatment with Exosomes

Hair Loss Treatment with Exosomes is the next generation therapy for hair restoration without surgery at TVI MedSpa.


Hair loss is one of the leading cosmetic problems experienced by both men and women. Current available treatments that promote hair growth uses surgical hair transplantation that is often expensive and requires multiple treatments.  At TVI MedSpa, we use exosomes to address hair loss.


Consultation required
Results in 8 weeks
FDA approved

We all know that hair loss is affected by our genes, hormones, aging, diet, medication and stress. At TVI MedSpa, we are introducing hair restoration using Exosomes as the next generation therapy for treating hair loss without surgery.






What is Hair Restoration with Exosomes?

Hair loss treatment with Exosomes is a regenerative therapy that utilizes Stem Cell Exosomes to stimulate hair follicles and trigger new hair growth. Exosomes enable a cell-to-cell communication; thus, they can transfer genetic information to cells within the damaged tissue using their more than 200+ signaling proteins. These messages promote survival and regeneration within the tissue cells. The latest clinical studies reveal a higher level of efficacy than surgery or traditional PRP/PRF treatments for patients aged 30 and over who are experiencing hair loss. Mesenchymal derived Exosomes is a breakthrough development in hair restoration.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles produced by Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). They are microscopic in size and contain no DNA or nucleus. Exosomes are signaling agents used in cell-to-cell communication. They activate cellular tissue regeneration, wound healing, and fracture repair. Exosomes promote hair growth. They help with cell rejuvenation and hair restoration wherever injected. It also increases healing abilities and youthfulness of the hair follicle cell. Exosomes used to treat hair loss at TVI MedSpa are sourced from FDA cleared biologics company based in the USA with the highest level of testing for quality, purity, and safety.

How do Exosomes fight hair loss?

Hair restoration using Exosomes is an injectable scalp treatment that stimulates hair growth. We use topical numbing agents,
nerve block, and cooling device to minimize pain and sensitivity. However, many patients find the treatment manageable without numbing. During the treatment, the Exosomes are injected into the targeted areas of your scalp to repair cells, stimulate new cells, and repair damaged follicles.

What are the benefits of hair loss treatment?

Hair restoration with Exosomes visibly makes hair look and feel softer, shinier, and fuller. It hydrates and nourishes the scalp. It promotes a healthy hair growth cycle, and noticeably reduces hair shedding.

How often should I do a treatment?

This will be discussed with your TVI provider at consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

Each patient is different and requires a medical consultation and baseline to determine the final hair restoration goal. During your consultation, we will review your medical history and hair restoration goals in order to maximize results.

When will I see results?

Results can be expected in 8 to 12 weeks. Results depend on age, genetics, and amount of hair loss involved.

When can I resume my normal activities after the treatment?

There is no surgery or downtime with Hair Loss Treatment with Exosomes. Yet, after treatment, your scalp may feel sensitive for several hours. Avoiding heavy exercise for the next 24 hours is recommended. Normal shampooing and use of styling products may be resumed the next day.

Why should I choose hair loss treatment?

Hair Loss Treatment with Exosomes is minimally invasive and involve no surgery. The treatment is suitable for both men and
women in the early stages of hair loss. Medications such as Minoxidil or Finasteride are not always effective. Surgical hair restoration procedures can be expensive and require long recovery. Other hair restoration options such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are dependent on the health of the source of the sourced cells. Often, patients struggling with hair loss also struggle with the quality of their own PRP/PRF. Exosomes contain over 200+ growth factors that contribute to healing, tissue regeneration and hair restoration.

Does hair loss treatment hurt?

People often express sensations of sensitivy and discomfort, not pain, with hair loss treatments in the scalp.

Discover more about Exosomes.

Book a consultation now to find out how to treat your hair loss treatment with Exosomes. Sarah Oh and our team of certified specialists are ready to give you their advice under the supervision of Dr. Davin Haraway, DO at TVI MedSpa in Tulsa, OK.



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